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So that you prevent sharp decrease in yield during the holidays

| 13/01/2017

Operation of a store, a business that require more regular rhythm of daily becomes more difficult in this holiday season.

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10 tips for building an intelligent task lists: to remove and throw

| 13/01/2017

The task list can be the best friend of a busy man or his worst enemy. On the one hand,

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6 Tips for the employer confused: Generation Y meets the world of retail

| 13/01/2017

Una sellers of the biggest challenges facing every retailer is effective management of human resources and the question of maintaining

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Intelligent Systems for Smart Business

| 10/01/2017

Advanced information systems develop rapidly towards the next stage of their development – providing recommendations based business intelligence analysis study

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9 mistakes that can kill your business

| 10/01/2017

It’s not very nice to see a closed shop, in particular, a retail trader, especially when you know how much

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3 Tips that will transform an occasional buyer into a loyal customer

| 09/01/2017

A new buyer found your store today .. He was caught in the shop window, checked the goods and shopped.

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6 Signs and which prove that your store needs an ERP solution

| 09/01/2017

Introduction of new information technologies in the store is a decision of great weight, especially as it affects core business

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NEW in COMMAX – Increased of loyal customers through a click and other additions to the system

| 07/12/2016

Strengthening the club of loyal customers, driving a more efficient workers and new possibilities for measuring and more thorough understanding

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The most 5 common types of accidents at work – and how to avoid them

| 07/12/2016

Knocks / injuries and accidents at work and expensive production costs of employers and countries. Accidents at work Annual Report

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5 Ideas for a better use of the social networks for your business

| 07/12/2016

Behavior on social networks occupies a growing part of the business strategy of large and small retailers. The benefits of

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Creating a bad shopping experiences in six easy steps.

| 07/12/2016

From competitors defamation forward up to 6 daily activities that traders should avoid. Creating a positive shopping experiences is a

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New in COMMAX: reports the average price of shopping for a specified time

| 07/12/2016

We are glad to tell you about a new addition to the COMAX ERP system that provides price averages over

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