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Below you will find information describing infrastructure of Bina Smart Business and security measures that we take.

Infrastructure – Survival

The server system is stored in the server farm (Data Center) Bezeq International in Israel (https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Безек). The server farm meets a large number of standards, including building, fire and electricity. The server farm has the highest standards prevailing in the world. Survival communications to and from the server farm is fully backed up.

System servers in the server farm are connected to two independent power sources to avoid the collapse of the server in the event of a power failure in one of three electricity grids located on the farm. Bina Smart Business uses more than 20 servers, to ensure the continuation of work in the event of a server collapse. System servers are fully redundant in terms of hardware (disks, controllers, memory, communication, etc.). Customer data is stored on HP servers to ensure the maximum performance and survivability. To ensure the highest level of service manufacturers of servers offer 24/7 support. All equipment used in server farm undergoes daily checkups to ensure troubleshooting before or as soon as the problem appears.

Infrastructure – Security

In practice, servers of Bina Systems are stored only in the server farms that meet BS 7799 and ISO/IEC 27001 PCI standards. Entrance to the server farm and floor is allowed only to those authorized in advance. Identification is performed by security team. Servers are stored in locked cabinets, which provide limited access to equipment within one room.

Media data security is guaranteed by firewall from “CheckPoint”. Communication between client and network servers is encrypted by 128 Bit SSL. There are systems of unauthorized access prevention and attack alerts. Data center grid is monitored continuously (24/7) for intrusion attempts and failures.

Active security

Every four months the system undergoes a Penetration Test by IT department, to find new loopholes and to maintain a high level of security. Each month we install patches and updates for operating systems maintaining the stability and security of the servers. In case of critical security updates this is done as soon as possible.

Backup policy

System and customer data is stored on a central data storage protected from intrusion and failures. Full backups of customer data and software are being saved in backup directories everyday. Backup copies to offsite secure storage are made each week in addition to monthly and quarterly archives.

We invest time and resources to be on top of technological progress by adopting and adapting to platforms and topologies maintaining the availability, survivability and security of Bina Smart Business.


Bina Systems (“We”) approve and commit to the following:
  1. We operate a website in which we give solutions and features for business management.
  2. We pledge to maintain absolute confidentiality about any data given to us and / or transferred to us and / or site run by us by the user, and / or the data that is a result of the processing of data to be transferred over hand (the “data”), and not to make any use of it rather than stated in Terms and conditions.
  3. We affirm and declare that any entity – with the exception of our employees appointed by us responsible for supporting (the “responsible for the support”) will not be allowed access to any data of our users without latters’ prior consent.
  4. We declare that we save and we will save a complete record of all actions within Bina Smart Business made by any party whatsoever.
  5. We pledge to refrain from transferring all or part of our user’s information to third parties.
  6. We take security measures to maintain the highest level of security possible to prevent unauthorized access to our databases. As long as we take security measures we shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever which caused by such access or for forwarding information about you or information provided by you to any third party as a result.

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