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In the beginning

there was a retail business

Bina Smart Business – Retailers love it!

Bina Smart Business is a cloud solution, providing a brand new way to manage retail business.

Our goal is to equip managers with most important and up-to-date analytics for better decision making. Bina Smart Business offers a possibility to maximize output of your existing resources without extra costs of attracting new customers.

Your business data is carefully gathered using Android tablet POS, mobile POS for sales agents and web browser back-office application developed according to latest web technologies. It’s fast, secure and continues to work if a store’s internet connection or electricity suddenly drops out.

Using our cloud based solution you can raise profitability of your actual business in first 2 months of use.

Start growing your business today – get your free trial version or order a free session with our sales growth expert to see how Bina Smart Business can help increase profit in your specific case.

Try Bina Smart Business in your store today.

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