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We’re burning on a low flame: when the stars fade and seem far away

What makes successful managers to turn their backs functions of “pampering” and how do you make sure your top employees to remain so?

When Mohammed Al-Arian chose to leave the post of CEO of the largest bond fund in the world, PIMCO, many in the financial world remained stunned. When Al-Arian, known as “Prince bonds,” he closed his office door luxury, he closed it and pay and conditions dream. Al-Arian himself confessed that he decided to leave after receiving a letter from his daughter, in the age of ten, which listed 22 important events in her life that you missed. Details of his case (and even more news about the recent resignation of his former partner Bill Gross) may indicate that al-Arian has suffered from the syndrome that researchers and consultants in the industry call “reducing the intensity of the people driving” – a situation where employees compete successfully and those who excel in their operation excellent lose time passion for their work and their loyalty to the company they work for.


Dimming [N T: dimming global], a term used to describe also a part of the life cycle of the planet is different from erosion because those affected do not suffer from a crisis in sight. The activity of the office is “working as usual”: They invest many hours in meetings and telephone conversations that cross borders and time zones, leading international teams and say all the right things in meetings (but not in private conversations). However, these managers work, often in a state of continuous charging and exhausting critical. The expected result is a desire to break away or leave their job altogether.

What bothers superstars?

  • feeling exhausted because of their commitment to be available anytime 24/7.
  • physical deterioration due to years of neglect the need for sleep and self-care.
  • strained relationships with their immediate family.
  • poor relationships with old friends.
  • degeneration in the interest [another time] and hobbies.
  • deterioration in the ability to focus on non-business conversations.
| 16/03/2017

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