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Counting money that does not have: millionaires who have lost everything

From Wolf of Wall Street and up to ten millionaires and billionaires M.S .: living capitalist dream – until the great crash

Jordan Belfort


The broker, multi-millionaire former Jordan Belfort, had everything. “Yachts, airplanes, women” who have organized to spend and they have supplied drugs. When he was 25 years old he won, reportedly $ 250 million of its share of shares in the company that later was an inspiration for the movie “Press Room” starring Vin Diesel and Giovanni Ribisi. millions of Belfort and were taken when accused of fraud and money laundering by the American agency.

After being released from prison after being acquitted debts of $ 100 million from other retailers, Jordan Belfort decided to change his life and published the bestseller “The Wolf of Wall Street” in which he talked about his experience as a trader of shares and about his meetings with law. After s book made a film directed by Martin Scorsese with Leonardo DiCaprio in the main. Transformation, Belfort toured the world taking into courses that do not require compromises the success at the expense of integrity and ethics.

Moral? It is never too late to change. If Jordan Belfort was able to change their lives (and continue to make a lot of money), almost anyone can.

Allen Stanford


110 years in prison – the sentence on the US Supreme Court’s Allen Stanford, a businessman was very successful, and now a prisoner with poor health status. In 2009, Stanford was charged with fraud worth billions of dollars Fonzi management system. Fonzi deception is an investment scam that guarantees investors with particularly high interest rates in a short period of time; in reality this money is from funds invested by other potential investors – and is only a partial refund. During his tenure as chairman of the finance company “Stanford Financial Group” Stanford was accused of having plotted a conspiracy financial to take from the hands of investors’ money hard earned, and to use them in order to finance a luxurious lifestyle.

Stanford, trying to live a comfortable life above others, asleep in bed prison. Today, he is on medication to treat his depression and is partially blinded after another inmate attacked him.



German internet millionaire became famous as the founder of “megaupload” platform file sharing online. The fall of dotcom has not occurred after a bad business decisions, but because his name binding criminal cases. Its Internet service was sued for copyright infringement and is accused of insider trading, theft and fraud.

In the nice days, before being arrested, Kim did bravado with a lifestyle that would not have shamed the two paragraphs above, Belfort and Graz, full of luxury cars, parties, luxury yachts and huge still more. Other hobbies include: policy – Dotcom fought in the New Zealand Parliament, headed a party he founded the Internet; Music – DotCom pulled out in 2014, the disc called “Good Times” and the game Modern Warfare 3, which was the highest the 15 million players in over the years.

Sean Quinn


In just a few years ago, Irish business’s value is estimated at $ 6 billion. However, Sean Quinn lost his fortune after he invested 25 percent in Anglo-Irish Bank. The mistake was that the businessman used the money from the insurance company in which it held that time. When the economic crisis hit Ireland, Anglo Irish Bank shares fell and fell into debt in Kevin billion.

In the case of Sean Quinn we can learn, and it could be even desirable, to gamble occasionally, but only after a careful examination of the data.



Singer MC HAMER gained fame in the nineties, and earned about $ 30 million in his musical career in full bloom. Then he began to dissipate his fortune in buying residential real estate, expensive toys and gifts to friends. Before the end of that decade, HAMER declared bankruptcy because of huge debt. The singer is a classic example of those who made fortunes fast and too quickly, and therefore found it difficult to manage your money.

Hummer is now a priest and lives in California. He repented, practical, and face the meaning of “stand before Gen. thinking”.




Canadian ace baseball was included among the victims of Allen Stanford; invested in Allen Stanford’s fraud and conspiracy, billions of dollars of their own. SCOT Aier paid for it almost all his fortune. The story serves as evidence that should not invest in something before assessing all the risks involved and who is behind it. Steve Jobs once said that even a normal person could join the “cult strange” if it was suddenly confronted with a wealth unexpected. Indeed, loss of control and common sense are the main dangers lurking on the brink successful entrepreneurs or those who got rich suddenly. rich people are human beings and they prone to mistakes just like anyone else. to avoid a fate like the above, it would be wise to think clearly when when it comes to money, either through self-study or consultation with those who can help.

Patricia Kellogg


Patricia Kellogg is deceased ex-wife entrepreneur, John Kellogg, whose fortune was estimated in the billions in the late nineties. In 1999, Kellogg and her third husband, William Moses, Kellogg founded the wine factory, covering an area of ​​nearly 4,000 acres in Virginia. Dream two was to make Virginia a mecca for wine lovers on the US East Coast. In an attempt to make that vision a reality Patricia was accompanied by nearly 70 million dollars. At first everything seems rosy – Kellogg Winery wines have found their way to restaurants and even was drunk at the wedding of Chelsea Clinton. But the economic crisis that hit the United States back in 2008, and was counted among the victims and Kellogg initiative and the property was blocked.


George Foreman


Boxing champion was unlucky in economic enterprises at the end of his career as a boxer in the late 70s. Revenues were stopped from entering and stuck with large credit debts and loans not returned. Luckily, Foreman was able to recover from the blow, when he returned to boxing, and then all chose to invest in a kitchen items; product that bears the name is successfully sold on shopping channels in the USA.






The former billionaire has seen his fortune melt away in front of him until it disappears completely after he and his son, Thor, which was also and his business partner, have been hit by the credit crisis that struck country – Iceland. They were major shareholders in a local bank, and when it crashed, collapsed also and owners. Like others on the list, the name Gudmandson binds and criminal charges of theft and fraud. Perhaps what comes, comes.




Johnny Ionits


The legendary Johnny Ionits, dubbed the Golden Arm won hundreds of thousands of dollars per game, simply because his talents on the field did not have competition. Ionits, who has invested his fortune in various industries, including real estate and catering, was forced to declare bankruptcy in the ’90s, when his business failed. When Ionits died, his business-related legal threat was still hanging overhead

So what is the moral of all these stories? When that money many wine comes great appetite and sometimes even blindness; should not put all your eggs in one basket – but keep distributing risks to avoid economic disaster and should also be first, to avoid involvement in criminal activities in order to increase artificially a huge fortune.

| 02/03/2017

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